Nadiah A.J
Age: 26

SFMS Physique War 2016 – Women’s Bikini Class A Champion & 3rd Overall
SFMS Nationals 2015 – Women’s Bikini Class C Champion & 2nd Overall

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”



I picked up the basics of weight training during my Strength and Conditioning course when I was pursuing my studies in Sports Science in 2013. I was hooked to weight training ever since! A close friend suggested that I should give physique competitions a try. Being both an active person and someone who loves make-up, I found competing in women’s bikini suited me. It allowed me to express my tough side as well as my feminine side.


Advice for young aspiring fitness athletes out there.
Be prepared; physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Juggling work, training and meal prep will take a lot of your time, hence time management is crucial in the few months of contest prep.




Your philosophy (if any):
I believe in practicing mindful eating when I am not preparing to compete. The more I restrict myself to eating only clean foods, the more my body craves for junk. If I crave for chocolate, I go for it! However, instead of finishing a whole bar, I have a small piece of it. Balance is key!


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Liang Xinyi, Janice

SFMS Physique War 2016 – Women’s Bikini Class C Division, 3rd Place
SFMS Nationals 2015- Women’s Bikini Class B Division- 2nd Place

“Do not give up what you want most for what you want now”


I am always very weight conscious since young. Like many girls, I would take diet pills in order to slim down. Despite the side effects such as feeling of nausea, diarrhoea , and giddiness, I kept relying on weight loss drugs because I felt it works for me. However, once I stopped, my weight would rebound easily. This caused me to develop a fear of eating. I tend to avoid proper meals and rely mainly on small snacks, such as bread, everyday. I wasn’t into exercising or physical activity then as well.

The turning point (or starting of) my fitness journey is when I am introduced to 10mins intense workout. I followed it diligently everyday and am amazed to see visible results after a few weeks! This motivated me to go gym and start lifting weights. It gives me a sense of achievement to see my hard work paying off. My body become more sculptured, shoulders become wider and rounder, arms become more toned, etc. I wanted to see how much I can push myself. Several months after I started going to the gym, I signed up for my first fitness competition and I never look back ever since.

To me, the biggest motivating factor in competing in fitness competition is to see the result of my own hard work. After a period intense training and growth, I wanted to see how much I’ve progressed. The competition gives me the platform to adjust my diet and start cutting so that I can see my muscles growth after slimming. Essentially my greatest competitor is myself.




Any advice for young aspiring fitness athletes out there?
Having the correct diet is just as important as exercising. When selecting what you eat, always think about how it can benefit your body, and help you develop and build muscle.




Your philosophy (if any):
You are what you eat – eat right to build muscle, and not eat less to lose fat.

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Alexandra Peak-Watkinson
Age: Almost 40


SFMS Physique War 2016 – Women’s Figure Champion
SFMS Nationals 2015 – Women’s Figure, 2nd Place

“Do everything in your power to ensure the fire within burns strong, Never let age, circumstances or another person’s opinion or ideals put your flame out. “Dream big, believe in yourself & your abilities and work hard everyday to create the life you want”




How did you get started into fitness ?
A little over 2 and a half years since I started on this journey to get fit. Little did I know that starting training sessions with my personal trainer would not only get me fit, healthy & stronger than I have ever been (which was the original goal) but it also re-awakened the passion for life & energy to live my dreams that I once had as a younger version of myself, that I feared I had lost forever. The strength both physically & mentally that I have developed through fitness & especially through lifting weights gives me a belief in myself & abilities that I have never felt before.




On Competitive BodyBuilding:
To say I have fallen in love with training & working on improving my physique is an understatement, Yes it is very hard at times, exhausting after long days at work to train & yes it requires bucket loads of commitment, sacrifice & dedication that not everyone understands, but the rewards, the gratification of seeing yourself achieve & surpass your goals or even the milestone of lifting a weight you didn’t think possible is what makes it so satisfying & a little (lot) addictive.

Plus the fact I have been lucky enough to have meet some of the most amazing supportive people both fitness professionals and the women that I have competed with in Singapore.

It has shown me anything is truly possible no matter at what stage of life you are at, if you work hard enough & continue to fuel the fire of passion & desire for your life anything can happen!

As I get ready to turn the big 40 in a few months, I feel like my life has just begun and I am excited for what I can achieve going forward and ready to give 120% to everything I do!

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